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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Post Office Blues

Today is the first day of the newest postage increase. Regular postage stamps are now 39 cents each as opposed to 37 cents. It sounds like its no big deal but the United States Post Office generates billions of dollars in extra revenue. I can't complain about the price of postage, after all they're just keeping up with inflation and rising fuel prices. However, I have the right to complain about the Post Office itself.

Every time that I go to the post office there is a huge line no matter what time it is. I believe there are five registers and for some reason there is usually only one or two Postal Service personnel serving customers. I never understood this. Additionally, it is not just my local Post Office; I have been to several miles away from each other and I see the same pattern. Why doesn't the Post Office keep up with supply and demand?

Speaking of supply and demand, the Post Office was out of two cent stamps-not surprised. Then they were out of one cent stamps-no surprise here either. Then this is the amusing/stupid part. The Postal workers would announce, from time to time, that they did not have one or two cent stamps but that they had three cent stamps. Everyone was buying three cents stamps like there was no tomorrow. But why? This means that they would be paying 40 cents a stamp as opposed to 39 cents. I thought to myself, "Hello, you should just buy 39 cent stamps and buy two cent stamps next week!" Wouldn't that be the best thing to do?


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